M1 Fibre Broadband Promo - 200Mbps for $39/month

M1 has a great deal going on right now for their home fibre broadband. At $39 a month for the 200Mbps plan, it is superbly fantastically value-for-money. The usual price goes for $99 a month. This deal locks you into a contract for 24 months. I wouldn't mind being locked in for longer.

The non-promotion price
If you are existing customer on M1 fibre, you are eligible for upgrade if your current contract is past 20 months. I was only aware of this deal when the M1 customer service personnel told me about it. I was previously on the 100Mbps plan for $39. I get double the bandwidth for the same price. It was so awesome, I re-contracted on the spot.
200Mbps promotion

A few other freebies are thrown in as well:
  1. Free mobile broadband of 1GB a month. They will give you a SIM card which you can use on your iPad or any computer device. The SIM card has a working number that you can actually make calls with but you really should not as it very costly to do that.
  2. Free home fixed line service. You have to pay $27 to activate this which I did not (you can choose not to). I already have a residential line that is in use for so long and only my mum uses it. With the fixed line service, it works like a IP phone. It's free to call as it is using your broadband traffic.
  3. Free 3 months for Internet security. If you are serious about security, you shouldn't rely on this.
They have promotions for other plans as well: $49 for 300Mbps and $55 for GamePRO 200Mbps. Note that their technicians will schedule a date to install a new ONT (black in colour). The old ONT (white in colour) does not support 200Mbps, hence the need to change the device.
The new ONT looks way cooler

Apart from that, there was an ongoing promotion for Man of Steel (movie launches on 13 June). I was given two complimentary movie pass that be used from Monday to Wednesday and a plastic Superman watch. The customer service can't help laughing as he passed me the watch. I highly recommend M1 fibre as I have been using it for 20 months now and the speed is just blazing fast especially if you are into downloading big files (grin grin).

Superman watch and movie passes. Hehe.
Updates: 24 June 2013
There will be two visits to your home for this. The first visit will be from OpenNet. The staff will check on the fibre point, do some testing and activate the 200Mbps line. He will not take anything away from your home. and you will be required to sign a form to verify he has done his work. The next visit, which is 4 days later for me, is from the M1 staff. He will bring the new ONT to your home. It is from Huawei and it is black. He will then take away your current white ONT with him.