Game of Thrones Quick Review: Season 1 to 3 is Epic

I finished watching all three seasons of Game of Thrones in the last two weeks. It was a series that I have been wanting to watch for quite a while and finally got on to it. It is based on the book "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin. I love the story despite not having much love for medieval stuff. There are many scenes and characters in the series that sets it apart from the rest. The remainder of this post has spoilers. So yes, spoiler alert! If you haven't watch Game of Thrones yet, get the Blu-ray/DVD set. The story and filming is quite a piece of work.

Who will sit on the throne?

Politics and Backstabbing

Your office politics is nothing compared to this story. For one thing, you are still alive to read this. When you play the Game of Throne, you win or you die. People are out to get each other in this world. Backstabbing literally means a blade through your back here.

In the episode, "The Rains of Castamere", a devious set up began and a dramatic scene unfold at the end. During the wedding, the doors were closed and the music became melancholic and ominious. Something was wrong and I was still trying to figure out. In a matter of minutes, Robb Stark, his wife, his unborned child, his mum, his wolf and his army were slaughtered by the host of the wedding. The Robb Stark, who was supposed to avenge his father by putting a sword in between the Lannisters' balls, is dead. Before he died, his killer stared coldly into your eyes, said "The Lannisters send their regards", then stabbed him in the torso.

Goodbye Robb Stark
On a grander scale, everyone is trying to advance his own interest in this story. Where the interests align, alliances are forged and only while the going is good. The title Game of Thrones comes from the battle between the five kings for the King's throne in King's Landing.


If you are staying with your family, you want to watch with your headphones on. The moans from the copious love making scenes will leave you red-faced and hard to explain to your mum. You get full frontal nudity but no close up view - we reserve that for porn. If this show is your only reference to the medieval lifestyle, you get away thinking that the ladies spent most of their time Brazilian waxing their private regions. It's not just the females you get to see here, there are naked old men and full-bodied guys too. It has every sexual acts that I know of: cunnilingus, fellatio, doggie, missionary, lesbianism. It amuses me at first, then becomes quite unnecessary to have so many of these scenes.

Death and Gore

With so many love-making going on, you need an equal amount of deaths to balance it out. The death scenes here are epic. They are not afraid to take out the main character. The King? Off with his head! Half of the Stark family is dead and their castle lost. The graphic effects of killing and dying is very well done. When the head is beheaded, it rolls across the mud, the eyes still open, and stares at you.

"Where is my brain?"
The blood and gore is realistic enough to make me look away and feel like puking. Hands and dicks have been chopped off; tongues ripped out; humans burnt alive by dragon fire, wild fire and molten gold. I grimaced each time as I watch the human flesh mutilated and tortured. I feel the pain myself. The skull that was sliced in half in battle still replays in my head.

Dragons and Magic

The Game of Thrones has dragons. Anything that has dragons wins. Look at the game World of Warcraft:. When the studio ran out of ideas, they release a fire-breathing dragon, destroys half the world, name the expansion pack Cataclysm and they have a winner. The Game of Thrones marks the start of the dragon age: the last dragon appeared a thousand years ago. Along with the dragons, the power of magic was unleashed. There are fire priest, warlock, black magic,  resurrection, seeing the future and past, mind control and face changer in this show. Awesome.

Mother of Dragons
Apart from the dragons, the dire wolves also make a deep impression here. Raised from clubs by the Stark children, the clubs grew up to be a ferocious protector: ripping off hands and throats of anyone who is a threat to their owners. I wish I had a pet dire wolf too. Only four of six dire wolves remained at the end of season 3.

Throughout the show, there are talks of White Walkers. The White Walkers is an ancient race that has superhuman strength and ice magic. They can reanimate the dead to fight for them. No one has seen them for so long, history has become myth. Now that we have a good look at their faces, I believe we are in for a good one in season 4.

The Imp

Tyrion Lannister (played by Peter Dinklage) is known as the Imp because he is a dwarf. I didn't think much of him at first. His character grew on me over time and I look forward to his scene now. He is very smart and uses his wit to get out of tricky situation each time. Using his intellect, he is good at politics and at manipulating others. People around look down on him, including his father who blames him for the death of his mother. However, he brushes all of that aside. For someone who is small in size, he makes a big impact each time. Two thumbs up for the great acting by Peter Dinklage.

Tyrion Lannister - The Imp

Season 4

Season 4 is set to debut on the 6 April this year. Throughout the three seasons, they have been saying "Winter is coming". I expect the winter to really come this time. The dragons have grown to a medium size so I am hoping for an epic battle between the dragons and white walkers from the north. I am also interested how the young Bran Stark's vision will provide the weapon to defeat the white walker. Indeed, winter is coming.

The Wolf representing the Stark's Sigil