Making Money with Affiliate Program

Qoo10 has an affiliate marketing program that I used for my blog. Compared to Amazon, the referral fee is much lower. There is still some money to be made if you target the right products. Singaporean like Qoo10 because the most of the products are cheaper than retail and the delivery fee is reasonable. In this post, I will show you how to make some money with the Q-Affiliate: Qoo10 affiliate program. You should also read my other post on Amazon associate program which has a higher return.

Referral fee

The referral fee is 2% of the price of any products sold. Any decimals after the cents are rounded down so the effective referral fee is between 1.95% to 1.99%. As the products on Qoo10 are generally low priced, the earnings amount is low.

$0.33 / $16.88 = 1.95% - The rounding down hurts.

Registering for Q-Affiliate

You can read about Q-Affiliate program from the official landing page. The only requirement for registration is that you have a Qoo10 account because that is where you access the affiliate features. They welcome anyone with open arms so there is no requirement for having a website. You can post your affiliate links on Facebook, Twitter, forums and even scribble your referral link on the toilet door with inedible link. Once your account is approved, you will receive an email informing of the referral link you can use.

Getting the affiliate links

In the welcome email, it informs you of your unique affiliate link. For example, this is how mine looks like:
The jaehuid is the unique id that identifies all sales to your account. I spent some time looking through Qoo10's html source before and the programmers are Korean from the comments I saw. Therefore, Jae Hu is likely to be a Korean word for account or affiliate.

Once you know your jaehuid, it is easy to create your own link. For the products that you want to advertise or market, go to the product page. Near the top of the product title, there is a blue button that say Copy URL. Click on it to copy.

In this example, the url is To create your affiliate link simply append the jaehuid to the end of the url in this format: You can use this in your marketing materials and anybody who bought products through your link, you earn the referral fee.

Q-Affiliate Challenges

There is a lack of details how long the Q-Affiliate's cookie session last. Based on my experiments of buying items through my own affiliate link, I determine that the session is only for a duration of 30 minutes. If there is no activity on the Qoo10 site, the session then expires. Any purchases from than on will not tagged to your affiliate account. In my opinion, this is an extremely short window of opportunity. Many of your referral sales will be lost due to session timeout and not because of conversion failure (customer not buying). The good thing is that you can direct visitor to view product A and if the visitor buys product B instead, you still earn product B commission.

Also, there is a lack of transparency on how many visitors click on your referral link. This is unlike Amazon where there is daily report that of links clicked. This is useful data because you can tally with what you are tracking from your website against what Amazon is receiving. If there is any discrepancies, you can check if there is any breakdown in the process of sending the link or the product page no longer exists. Unfortunately, Qoo10 does not provide such a report.

Checking your referrals and earnings

In your Q-Account, the summary page shows your how much you have earned under Q-money. This Q-money can be used to offset any purchases on Qoo10. Alternatively, you can withdraw this money to your bank account.

Click on the link of your total balance (in my example, it's the 11.35) to go to the Q-money section. In this section, you have the transactions of your earnings and spendings.

Notice the blue Affiliate results link? It's quite obscure as you have to click through many links to get here but that is where you want to go to see the fruits of your labour. The affiliate results page show you all successful conversion to date. This page is updated instantly when someone makes a purchase.

After a purchase, the status of your referral is Pending. When the buyer receive the goods and confirmed the delivery, the status becomes Delivered and the referral fee becomes your earning. If the buyer failed to receive the good or cancels the purchase, the status becomes Cancelled. The pay out is made on the 3rd of every month and I receive it on time ever since I joined.


From my experience, there is not a lot you can earn on Qoo10. The best items for marketing are electronic products such as portable battery packs and accessories like mobile phone covers or protectors. Beauty products are hot items too. Girls are ready to open their wallets for moisturers, masks and facial products. These items are easily between $20 to $50, making them good products to market.

If you see my earnings below, it is has never gone past $8 a month. Whereas on Amazon, I'm earning an average of USD $50 a month. This is my advice: you can spend some effort on pushing Qoo10 but spend the majority of your effort on Amazon. At the end of the day, it's the return on your investment that matters.